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Book 2 KickStarter Project!

We are well into writing the 2nd Book, City of the Gods: Guardian. This time we have put it up on Kickstarter and we are looking for pledges.  Anything from $1 up will be happily accepted!
You can now order a signed & numbered Advance copy of the 2nd City of the Gods novel! Be the first to get the new book.
Here's the link to our Kickstarter project - Take a look and see what cool prizes you'd like to take home! No matter what you pledge, you'll get something and help us complete the novel!

Get the 1st Novel as Print, Kindle or PDF

Yes, the long wait is over and the book is now available on Amazon as a paperback or as a download for your Kindle, phone or computer. It's 428 pages with over 90 illustrations. The 9 x 6 novel has a full color cover and is a fascinating read. If you get it on Amazon, the price is $16.00. (If you want a SIGNED copy just go Here. If you get it as a Kindle or PDF download its only $3.99

See the City of the Gods book trailer -

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NEW Anthology Mythic Tales: City of the Gods

A collection of new illustrated stories featuring many of the gods of myth and legend. Travel to Olympus, the Celtic Realm, the Grand Pyramid of Horus and walk the streets of the City of the Gods. With tales of dark fantasy, touching pathos, swashbuckling adventure and humorous hijinx, you’ll experience the many moods of the gods. With Mythic Tales by Randy Lindsay, Wendall Brown & Jefferson Swycaffer. Also includes ‘forgotten’ stories by Edgar Allan Poe, and Bram Stoker with numerous illustrations by legendary Gustav Dore. Perfect for anyone who wants to read new tales about the classic deities of our past or as an introduction to the City of the Gods universe. Visit the Mythic Tales Website


RPG Pack for City of the Gods

Ever wanted to take your players to meet the gods? Now you can with the City of the Gods Map Pack. Usable with any role-playing system this product presents a realm where all the gods of Earth reside; Greek, Egyptian, Babylonian, Celtic, Asian and many other Pantheons all dwell in this mystical realm. The City of the Gods is where they all meet, plot, plan and fight for dominion. The Map Pack includes: 11 x 17 full color detailed map of the City of the Gods. 20 page book that describes over 105 places in the city, details on the world of the Gods and 54 scenarios the GM can use to incorporate his existing game into the City of the Gods. Full color map of the realms of the Gods. 18 full color NPC cards of gods and citizens from the City. 32 page signed City of the Gods Comic. Plus a booklet with a chapter from the City of the Gods novel. Get it at Amazon for $19.95

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