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City of the Gods

Welcome to the City of the Gods


2500 years ago, the gods left the Earth. They abandoned their temples, their mountaintops and left their followers behind to fend for themselves. But what happened to the gods of old? Where did they go and why? This age old mystery begins to be revealed as a strange, beautiful woman awakens in the City of the Gods. Befriended by a freeman who works for the gods, she travels through this hidden world, as they slowly discover clues as to who she might be. She learns about this amazing place where all of the gods now reside. She meets freeman, slaves, priests, mystical beings and the gods themselves as she is thrust from one mythical place to another in a desperate search for the truth, before it is too late for all of them. What happened to her memories? Why are the gods trying to get to her before she gets to the truth? Packed with a virtual pantheon of gods, like Zeus, Eros, Set, Konohana, Quextcoatl, Shiva, and many, many others, both well-known and obscure, you are pulled along by this new novel. City of the Gods: Forgotten. Get it on Amazon or as a Kindle book.

About the Authors

Writing team M.Scott Verne & Wynn Mercere have created numerous works of fantasy fiction published in a variety of formats, including prose, comics, role-playing books and online games. World-building and character development are second nature. Now they bring it all together in this newly completed novel.

How many books are planned in the series?

Right now it is planned as a Trilogy, but there are many stories to tell there, including in our new Anthology.

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